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Working with a professional team including product manager, designer, account executive, engineer, you can put your focus on the marketing and customers. No headache to do market research or new product renovation or review testing standard details or handle with improvement on old products, all these are our jobs! NuTrend are friendly to small business entrepreneur. Never hesitate to contact us and grow your business with us. We want to be the witness at your success!
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KD indoor furniture

  • Figures
    Showroom 20,000sq.ft       Facility 400,000sq.ft                            Capacity 80x40'C/M         Main markets USA/EU/AUS 
  • Materials
    Particle Board, MDF, Plywood, New Zealand Pine Wood, Thailand Rubber Wood, China Ash Wood, America Oak Wood etc.
  • Capability
    UV painting, water-based electrostatic painting, PU painting, wood veneer, paper lamination, melamine
  • Certificate
    BSCI, FSC, ISO9001                                                                        SGS Paint Test Report
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if you like NuTrend products or our team, don't wait, pls contact us to start a win-win cooperation.

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if you like NuTrend products or our team, don't wait, pls contact us to start a win-win cooperation.
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if you like NuTrend products or our team, don't wait, pls contact us to start a win-win cooperation.